Cybersex chat with VioletandKayden covets mutual have fun time

Screenname: VioletandKayden
About: Personal is femmes choice, demands are welcome but we eventually get to run the show and have manage over positions & playthings. You run the showcase in off the hook, and get to chose what we do as long as it is within our confinements.
Fetishes: supremacy & conformity,feet,anal,spankingpaddling,submissive
Expertise: Oral, cable on, faux-cock drilling, rump plumbing (Kayden only), SPH, SADISM & MASOCHISM, spanking with our whip, flog, and other entertainment items
Turnons: The zeal and power in our interactions are our biggest turn ons. If there is no force the act is abate and boring, and we want our lives to be utter of enlivenment.

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