Cybersex date with Mistress_Mynx seeks masturbation fun

Screenname: Mistress_Mynx
About: My flash is always a great time! Are you a super-naughty sub/sissy who longs for to be put in place? Or a insane freak like me who enjoys to get off? Yes I am ALWAYS super-naughty! Lol. Have a demand, specific fetish, or like taboo entertainment? Only available in Exclusive.
Fetishes: feet,smoking,roleplay,dominant,femdom
Expertise: I am real! I will not sugar decorate stuff or pretend in any of my showcases! If I don’t like it I won’t do it! Be respectful, say howdy, and engage in a conversation. I’m good at what I do you’ll observe! NO ASSFUCK! MonikaMynx is the other name I go by 😉
Turnons: Intelligent conversations, MANNERS, lengthy flashes where I can be myself and cum a slew of, subs who actually listen and go after directions(HA), open minded nasty people, & a feel of humor. MonikaMynx is the other name I go by 😉

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